Fishing in Estonia

Guided fishing trips all over Estonia


Looking for an adventure? Our fishing trips are totally personalized and one of a kind. Depending on the season we will take you to some of the most interesting fishing spots around Estonia.

Your day (or two) will be fulfilled with adventures and emotions. Wildest’s very own fishing guide Janno Jaadla has a ton of experience that will guarantee a nice catch.

We got it all – some of the best fishing spots, professional fishing equipment, tens of years experience, multiple boats and guides, accommodation, catering, saunas etc. You’ll love it.

What’s there to fish in Estonia?

Lets start with the most intresting species like perch, eel, pike, brown trout, spot, bream, tench, burbot, salmon, trout, ink, chub, asp.

Where can I go fishing?

Estonia is very unique so we can take you to the sea, on lakes and river or where ever you like. Of course we will make suggestions depending on the season and your wishes.


Since we have a lot of species and water we can go fishing all year round. Doesn’t matter if it’s spring, summer, autumn or winter – there’s always something to fish. Every season and species are unique and worth a try.

Food & accommodation

We can provide all food you need and accommodation all over Estonia. Depending the comfort level you want we can arrange your stay to as convenient as you wish. You can experience the best restaurant food as well as eco food prepared in a local farm.

Fishing trips

Time: all year round (view calendar)
Group size: Winter: 1-30, summer 1-50 (we are very flexible)
Species: perch, eel, pike, brown trout, spot, bream, tench, burbot, salmon, trout, ink, chub, asp.
Services: from A to Z. Instructing, licences, fishing trips, accommodation, catering, rentals, etc.
Cost: It depends on the season and group size. Feel free to request a quote online or give us a call. Then we’ll fill you in with all the details.


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Read our customers testimonials & check out their catch


Varmo’s pike

Varmo Pike
Man that was a catch! I took me over half an hour to get it to our boat.

Vesto’s trout

Vesto Trout
You can’t explain it in words. Just take a look at my picture and try to imagine what it was like.

Sven-Erik’s breams

Sven Erik latikas
It was an adventure and we had a good catch! The trip to the river with ATV was already stunning.

Ingrar’s pike

Ignar pike
What a day! I definitely recommend Wildest, check out the size of my pike. I’m more than happy.

Lauri’s trout

Lauri latikas
Usually I don’t catch any fish when i’m fishing alone, but with the help of Wildest guides it’s a no-brainer. I always get something.

Kristo’s salmon

Kristo salmon
Trying to be modest is quite a challenge. I must say that I would recommend Wildest with no questions asked.

Kadri’s chub

Kadri koha
I find guided fishing trips very exciting. I’ve used Wildest service in a number of times and will do it again in near future.

Ahto’s pike

Ants pike
Usually I sit at the office so it’s a really nice change to be out in the wilderness and catch some fish. It’s like an energy boost.

Are you ready to get a lifetime experience?

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January February March April May June July August September October November December
Perch x x x x x x x x x
Eel x x x x
Pike x x x x x x x x x
Brown trout x x x x x x
Spot x x x x x
Bream x x x x x x
Tench x x x
Burbot x x x x x x
Salmon x x x
Trout x x x x x x
Ink x x
Chub x x x x
Asp x x x x - Personalized hunting and fishing tours in Estonia | Contact us +372 522 4866 |