Bear hunt

Brown bear (Ursus arctos) hunt

In 2013 the estimated number of brown bears was at least 700, each year approximately 50 bears are hunted, most of which is caught at stalking hunt on feeding locations.

Hunting the bear is quite exclusive and we organize the hunt for maximum 2 persons. We recommend to book early because of the high demand and low number of permits.

Hunt- As the bears are very cautious and dangerous animals, they are hunted from the closed hunting stands.

The experienced Wildest hunters will guarantee a successful and safe hunt. Everything is taken care of.

We have excellent feeding lots, which are often visited by large and gold medal worthy brown bears.

All the groundwork is already done and the trail cameras give us continuously information, so all you have to do is to come here, have a bit of patience and a fantastic trophy will soon decorate your wall.

Hunting period: from 1st of August until 31st of October - Personalized hunting and fishing tours in Estonia | Contact us +372 522 4866 |