Woodcock hunt

Hunting the (Eurasian) Woodcock (Scolopax rusticola)

Estonia has a unique location when it comes to good nesting areas for snipes.

The Migration of birds nestling in Finland and Russia starts in September, taking them through Estonia, where the snipes will gather the strength for further migration, by staying here until the arrival of the cold. Usually the population of birds is the largest in October, but it does depend on the weather.

Book your Woodcock hunt early, in order to be here on the best moment!

The Hunt- the Woodcock is hunted by search hunt with dogs. We know the type of forest the Woodcock likes, therefore, the groundwork has already been done and all you have to do is to release the

In order to take the maximum out of the daylight for hunting, the Lunch will be eaten in the

After the hunt we head up to the accommodation location, where there is everything necessary for you and your four-legged friend, to get the rest for the next exciting hunting

Time to hunt: 1st of August till 30th of November.

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