Roe deer hunt

Roe deer (C. Capreolus) hunt

Because of the warm and snow-poor winters, the roe deer population has significantly increased, it also provides the conditions for the growth of big antlers by roe deer bucks.

Hunt arrangement- The hunt takes place early in the morning and in the evening until the darkness, approximately 4 + 4 hours. It is possible to hunt from the “waylay” locations or from the high-seats on the fields or at the forest glades.

Good results can be obtained with luring: attracting the roe buck(s) further in the distance to come out to the firing range.

Roe deer buck hunt starts from 1st of June and lasts till 31st of December.

Roe deer doe and fawn hunt starts from 1st of September and lasts till 31st of December. - Personalized hunting and fishing tours in Estonia | Contact us +372 522 4866 |