Moose hunting

Moose hunting

Elk/moose (Alces alces) is the largest mammal in Estonia, weighing up to 600 kilograms. Elks/moose are herbivores and consume 20-40 kg fresh shoots from trees and grass in a day. Shovel-shaped horns decorate only the heads of the elk/moose bulls, which make this animal a craved hunting trophy.

Hunt reliant on calling Elk/moose bulls can be successfully attracted during the rut, young bulls are very curious and bold, whilst attracting an old and big animal is more complicated and time-consuming.

Regardless of the size of the trophy, such a direct contact with the animal during the hunt reliant on calling will be unforgettable.

Hunt reliant on calling is conducted on an individual basis, every hunter is accompanied by a guide, who possesses a variety of different allurement techniques.

Driven hunt when the hunters have surrounded the area where driven hunt will be held, the dogs will be released to find and chase the animals to the line of hunt. For the success of such a hunt it is necessary to have enough hunters, to be able to efficiently surround the area.

Due to the fact that most of our hunting areas are adjacent to the Nature Conservation areas, where no hunting is done, we have noticeably higher abundance of animals and the percentage of trophy bulls then elsewhere.

There are approximately 12 000 elks/ moose in Estonia, from which about 4000 are hunted every year. Regardless to this, the number of elks/moose in Estonia has not diminished, because the population growth is 30 % a year.

We have 4 different hunting areas, a total of approximately 76 000ha, where, depending on a limit, 150-190 elks/moose are being hunted every season.

There are two methods used for hunting the elk/moose:

  • Hunt reliant on calling- starting from 15th of September and lasting till start of October
  • Driven hunt, where the use of dogs is allowed- starting from 1st of October and ends on 15th of December. - Personalized hunting and fishing tours in Estonia | Contact us +372 522 4866 |